Victoria Liedbergius


Mother tongue Swedish and Norwegian
Favorite language too difficult question!
Birthplace Södertälje [Sweden]
Place of residence Eidsvoll [Norway]
Jobs and passions When I was a kid I wanted to study medicine, but since I was born and raised in a choral-singing family, I ended up working in that field!
The job you would have done if not for this Maybe I would have become a doctor after all (or a pathologist, which was my dream), but if I had to make the decision again now, I would probably study languages
Your favourite word My favorite word is actually in German and is "Spätherbstnebel" (also the title of a song by Alban Berg)
Your favorite sound My daughter's voice when she wakes up from her midday nap, she sounds high and happy!
The perfect moment Spending quality time with friends and family, it can be in the middle of performing a choral piece, hiking in the mountains, or having dinner
A book recommendation I have just finished reading "The Mother of Invention" [Katrine Marçal] - a worthwhile read!!!
The piece of music that will make you smile Sowhol Erykah Badu as well as the Brandenburg Concertos, depending on your mood!