What is Proforá?

You want to sing a song in a foreign language, but you don't know it? No problem: Proforá helps you to sing like a native speaker! You will find here pronunciation files for hundreds of songs and arias, all recorded by singers in their native language. Speak it, sing it!

How does proforá work? It's super easy!

Find the piece you are looking for, either with the Search, or by browsing our many languages. Add the piece to your cart, check out, and you can immediately listen to the perfect pronunciation or download it onto your device. Ready to practice!!

If you buy several files or if you are ordering for a choir, you will get a discount already from 5 files on.

Here we answer all important questions, and: if you don't find your piece on proforá, just ask us! Enjoy practicing!

  • About us

    Proforá was founded at the beginning of 2022. Proforá is backed by professional singers from all over the world. Who are we?

  • Language coaching

    Many of Proforá 's experts offer language coaching, online or live.

  • Customer comments

    Professional singers and choirs like the European Chamber Choir Cythera and the Maulbronn Chamber Choir regularly use our services.

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