• Christoph

    Christoph comes from Cologne and feels very comfortable on opera as well as cabaret stages (we are happy about that). His mother tongue is German and his religion is J.S. Bach.

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  • Franziska

    Franziska's eyes are always shining. She can be heard regularly speaking on BR Klassik. She comes from Stuttgart but her mother tongue is High German.

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  • Márton

    Márton is the most hospitable singer in all Budapest. He likes to hike with his family in the Mátra Mountains. His mother tongue, Hungarian, is the most beautiful language in the world.

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  • Isabelle

    Isabelle is at home by the sea. One day she founded Proforá (although she "actually only wants to make music"). She loves raspberries and non-Latin alphabets. Her mother tongue is French.

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  • Victoria

    Victoria is a singer from the cold north with a warm voice. She is wonderfully cosmopolitan and embraces all the cultures and voices our planet has to offer.

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  • Andrea

    Andrea is a great soprano with two incredibly fluffy cats. She lives in Stuttgart and her native language is Portuguese.

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  • Anna

    Anna comes from Barcelona and is a lively singing teacher, always active and creative. She likes tea and nice girls meetings with chocolate and ideas.

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  • Ingvill

    Ingvill is Norwegian, she likes the Swedish language and the sound of water. She lives in Bergen and her mother tongue is Norwegian.

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  • Alena

    Alena is a dynamic and motivating Czech singer and vocal coach. She likes flowers and Dvořák (and jogging), among other things. Her native language is Czech.

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  • Laura

    Laura likes magic. Whether it's reading, singing, or casting magic into the ears of others as an audio book narrator. Laura lives in Cologne and her native language is German.

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  • Martí

    Martí is from Catalonia, likes to walk, has founded a music publishing company and grew up bilingual. He lives near Barcelona and lives surrounded by choral music.

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  • Eren

    Eren is from Ankara, and he loves all sounds - from choir music to cars. You can hear Eren on the radio, among others in his native language, Turkish.

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