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How do I find my music piece on Proforá?

The fastest way to the piece is the search function. You can also find it above thanks to the magnifying glass icon. Enter at least one word from the title of your piece and then click on the magnifying glass or press the Enter key. All pieces containing this word or these words will be displayed.

How can I buy a piece?

When you have found your piece, click on the title. This will take you to the product page. Here you will see a button Add to cart. If you click on this area, the piece will end up in your shopping cart, but you will remain on the product page for now (the shopping cart icon, in the upper right corner, will now show the number of products in it). If you click on Gpay or on More payment options instead, you will immediately be taken to the purchase process.

I would like to buy a complete song cycle, without having to put every single song into my cart. Is that possible?

Yes! As for song cycles or oratorios, you will see at the top of the list of song something like Liederkreis op. 39 - full cycle. Click on it to get to the product page of the cycle itself. Put the product into your cart, check out, and you will get all the files of the whole cycle in just one order. The 5-10-15 % discount won't apply as this is only 1 product, but you will notice that the price is of course already reduced!

Can I buy multiple copies for my choir?

You are a choir director and you want to enable your singers to prepare the rehearsal with Proforá? No problem!

1. Select the piece your choir is rehearsing.
2. Set in "Quantity" the number of singers in your choir.
3. In your cart, you can now see that an automatic discount has been applied to your entire order: for 5 files, you get a 5% discount, for 10 files, you get a 10% discount, etc. in steps of 5 until maximum 35% discount for 35 singers! (or 35 files altogether).
4. Complete your order.
5. After completing your check out, you will be able to immediately download your files : now you can forward them to as many singers as the quantity you ordered.

We trust you to respect our work by forwarding only the quantity of files that you bought.

FAQ Choir orders

1. This discount can be applied to every track available in the Proforá shop, even if it's not marked as "choir work".
2. It is only possible to apply one discount at a time. Hence you can't add another discount code in addition to thes bulk prices.

How do I get the piece on my smartphone or PC?

When you have purchased a piece and the order is completed, you will land onto a page with a button Deine Dateien / Access your files. Click this button: you'll see the pieces you just bought, and below appear the files you can now either listen to or download onto your device.

You will also receive an email containing again this button Deine Dateien / Access your files, so you can download your files later by clicking it. (If you are experiencing technical problems, you can even click 5 times the button to access your files!).

In which format are the pronunciation files available?

The pronunciation files are MP3.

I can't find my piece on the website. Can you help me anyway?

Sure! If your piece is not yet available on Proforá, send us a request.

In the languages we already have on offer, we can provide a pronunciation file within a short time. If the language you are looking for is not yet available on Proforá, send us a short message anyway. In that case, too, chances are good that we can help you.

Who recorded these pronunciation files?

All pronunciation files were recorded by native speakers, all of whom are also professional singers. You can learn more about us here.

Can I also book the Proforá speakers for live coaching?

Most Proforá experts also offer language coaching, either live, or for geographical reasons, online, for you or for your choir. Contact us.