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How do I find my music piece on Proforá?

The fastest way to the piece is the search function. You can also find it above thanks to the magnifying glass icon. Enter at least one word from the title of your piece and then click on the magnifying glass or press the Enter key. All pieces containing this word or these words will be displayed.

How can I buy a piece?

When you have found your piece, click on the title. This will take you to the product page. Here you will see a button "Add to cart". If you click on this area, the piece will end up in your shopping cart, but you will remain on the product page for now (the shopping cart icon, in the upper right corner, will now show the number of products in it). If you click on Gpay or on "More payment options" instead, you will immediately be taken to the purchase process.

Can I listen to an extract of a piece?

You can listen to a short excerpt from each track. However, this function is only available on the corresponding album page. If you are currently on the product page of an individual piece, you will find a link to the corresponding album page in the product text. You can always buy a single piece, no matter which page you are on. Either you are on an album page and you can click on the shopping cart icon right next to the title of the individual piece, or you are on the page of the individual piece (also called a track) and can use the "Add to Cart" button to purchase that one piece.

I found an album, but I want to buy only 3 pieces from it. Is that possible?

No problem. On the album page you will see the so-called "track list". You can either buy the whole album by clicking the "Add to cart" button, or just one piece by clicking the shopping cart icon with a "+" next to the corresponding track in the track list. Then only this track will be added to your shopping cart. Repeat this step with all the individual pieces you need.

Can I buy multiple copies for my choir?

You are a choir director and you want to enable your singers to prepare the rehearsal with Proforá? If you want the choir to pay for the cost of the pronunciation files, it's easy and even cheaper than ordering them individually:

1. choose the piece you are rehearsing with your choir.
2. enter the number of singers in "number".
3. in the shopping cart you will see the discount (20%).
4. complete your order.
5. you will receive an e-mail with a link to download your pronunciation files. Download the files. You may now share it with as many singers as you have specified.

We trust you to value and protect our work by sharing our pronunciation files only with as many singers as you have indicated.

Notes on choir orders:

1. the discount for choir orders will be applied to 12 singers or more.
2. this discount can be applied to any piece of
Proforá can be applied.
3. no additional discount code can be applied to choir orders.

How do I get the piece on my smartphone or PC?

When you have purchased a piece and the order is completed, you will receive two emails:

1. an order confirmation

2. an email with the subject "Order #XXXX - Your music is ready to download!". If you have not received this email, please check your spam folder.

In this second email you will find a download link for each purchased track. Click on it. You will be able to download your pronunciation files onto your device. This link is valid for one week.

By the way, you can download your pronunciation files either as WAV, MP3 or FLAC files.

In which format are the pronunciation files available?

You can download your pronunciation files either as WAV, MP3 or FLAC files.

I can't find my piece on the website. Can you help me anyway?

Sure! If your piece is not yet available on Proforá, send us a request.

In the languages we already have on offer, we can provide a pronunciation file within a short time. If the language you are looking for is not yet available on Proforá, send us a short message anyway. In that case, too, chances are good that we can help you.

Who recorded these pronunciation files?

All pronunciation files were recorded by native speakers, all of whom are also professional singers. You can learn more about us here.

Can I also book the Proforá speakers for live coaching?

Most Proforá experts also offer language coaching, either live, or for geographical reasons, online, for you or for your choir. Contact us.