As the european chamber choir Cythera recorded vocal music in Hungarian, German and Czech (Kodály, Brahms and Dvorák among others), future members of the Proforá team coached the choir.

The result "sings for itself"! Discover Homelands Vol. 1, Cythera's first debut CD.

I practised my Hungarian pronunciation with the help of Márton at Proforá: it's amazing to prepare the rehearsal, I could hear every phonem, every inflection... all the subtleties of the language!
[Thomas Roullon, professional singer and member of Cythera]

The Maulbronner Kammerchor also makes regular use of Proforá's services, in particular when performing French sacred vocal music.

The more carefully choir singers pay attention to diction and vowel colours, the better blended and homogenous the choir will sound. When I perform vocal music in a foreign language, I very much appreciate Isabelle's pronunciation tracks at Proforá. I use it myself and I warmly encourage my choir singers to buy the tracks for their own preparation work at home. I warmly recommend Proforá!
[Benjamin Hartmann, artistic director of the Maulbronner Kammerchor]