Choir orders

Are you a conductor who would like to enable your singers to prepare for rehearsals with Profo? No problem!

1. Select the piece your choir is rehearsing.
2. Set in "Quantity" the number of singers in your choir.
3. In your cart, you can now see that an automatic discount has been applied to your entire order: For 5 files, you get a 5% discount, for 10 files, you get a 10% discount, etc. in steps of 5 until maximum 35% discount for 35 singers! (or 35 files altogether).
4. Complete your order.
5. After completing your check out, you will be able to immediately download your files : you are now able to forward them to as many singers as the quantity you ordered.

We trust you to respect our work by forwarding only the quantity of files that you bought.

FAQ Choir orders

1. This discount can be applied to every track available in the Profoshop, even if it's not marked as "choir work".
2. It is only possible to apply one discount at a time. Hence you can't add another discount code in addition to thes bulk prices.