Isabelle Métrope


Mother tongue French
Favorite language Hungarian
Birthplace Saint-Brieuc [France]
Place of residence Kusterdingen [Germany]
Jobs and passions Jobs: musician, music journalist, music manager, translator. Passions: singing, playing the violin, baking, painting, building things, swimming in the ocean, cuddling cats
The job you would have done if not this one Pastry chef, volcanologist or doctor, or - what might come next: Owner of a small guesthouse in the Mediterranean.
Your favorite word Soleil [Sun]
Your favorite sound Sounds of the sea, birds chirping and cats purring
The perfect moment Sitting on a hill with a friend, looking at the sea or mountains, enjoying delicious food (and great concerts in the calendar)
A book recommendation Complètement cramé [Gilles Legardinier] (found in German under the terribly translated title "Monsieur Blake and the magic of love")
The piece of music that makes you smile Madárka, the 3rd movement from Mátrai Ké. Movement from Mátrai Képek by Kodály