Martí Ferrer I Bosch


Mother tongue Catalan
Favorite language Italian
Birthplace Girona [Catalonia]
Place of residence Vilablareix and Tarragona [Catalonia]
Jobs and passions Jobs: Choir and orchestra director, co-founder of the music publishing company FICTA. Passions: listening to music, having and sharing projects and ideas, reading and walking.
The job you would have done if not for this Composer or chef
Your favorite word Xiuxiuejar (to whisper in your ear)
Your favorite sound All double consonants, in Catalan or Italian
The perfect moment Together with a good friend, having something to drink or eat
A book recommendation Jo confesso [Jaume Cabré] (available in German under the title "The Collector's Silence")
The piece of music that makes you smile Three Satires, Op. 28 n.1 [Arnold Schoenberg]

FICTA Music Publishers